Perhaps “Sleepy” Joe Biden’s new nickname should be “Shaky”.

The Democrat frontrunner — according to polls — delivered what was billed as a foreign policy speech, and delivered what he likely thought was going to be an applause line.

Except no one clapped, only responding with silence.


That wasn’t the only awkward moment.

Biden repeatedly stumbled through his speech, slurring words, struggling with the teleprompter and saying things multiple times.

“Donald Trump and the democrogs— demagogues around the world are learn— leaning into these forces,” Biden said.

After slurring “fascism,” he mistakenly said “process” instead of “progress,” being forced to correct himself.

Biden said President “Tump,” and suffered an awkward coughing fit.

He had trouble saying “neglected,” and repeated “by strengthening” three times.

“He has, he has, I don’t know how to say it— he’s alienated us,” Biden said of Trump, feigning sincerity and attempting to appear like he wasn’t reading a teleprompter.

“Partnerships built of cohesion— excuse me, coercion,” he corrected.

Biden had trouble saying “corruption,” and stumbled through reading his speech when he said, “We cannot be a credible voice on the proliferation of nuclear security— on proliferation and nuclear security.”

Talking up his plan to tackle “climate change,” he said, “We’ll look, we’ll look for enforceable commitments that’ll produce emissions— reduce emissions.”

He seemed confused at the end of the speech, stepping back from the podium, saying, “What am I doing?”