Hillary Clinton isn’t going to cede the limelight to any 2020 presidential candidates.

The twice-failed candidate joined one of hundreds of protests across the country to complain about the conditions the crushing wave of illegal aliens is facing in detention and processing centers.

Hillary joined Bill and about 50 other liberal elites in Chappaqua, New York on Friday night to slam the Trump administration and the president’s immigration policies at a “Lights For Liberty” protest.

Lights for Liberty #LightsforLiberty with our most famous residents, the Clintons.

Posted by Kristen Browde on Friday, July 12, 2019

Standing in front of a black “Resist” flag featuring a socialist clinched fist, Clinton said, “This is not about open borders. This is not about saying anybody can come to America for anything at any time,” about 28 minutes into the event.

“That is not what it’s about,” she insisted, instead claiming, “We can have secure borders and be a humane nation.”

Sounding like a presidential candidate, Clinton called for more immigration judges and a “data system” to be able to track kids who are separated from their parents.

“This is a policy that is infused with cruelty,” Hillary said. “It is a cruel, unfeeling, unfair, mean-spirited policy,” she said of Trump’s actions as the crowd applauded.

She criticized the Trump administration for cutting aid to Central American countries, and said we should help them with their “economic problems.”

She touted her record as Secretary of State, saying the actions she took to help those countries could help now. She condemned the announced ICE raids scheduled to take place this weekend.

“I would end by urging us not to get discouraged,” she said, adding she’s had a lot of “vicarious trauma” recently.

“I’m well acquainted with it,” she admitted.

“The fact that we’re all gathered here shows how resilient and flexible we are and we’ll take that into the political environment and make sure that in a few years, we will say we will never, ever see this kind of behavior by our government again,” she concluded.