Dozens of protests were held in American cities and outside detention centers on Friday by activists opposed to immigration laws and U.S. border security.

Agitators swarmed one such location in Aurora, Colorado, where they protested just off the private center’s property, before trespassing and hoisting a Mexican flag.

Video shows the American flag, a Colorado flag and one for GEO Group being pulled down before the Mexican flag going up:

During the chaotic scene, the crowd roared with approval as one mocking police went up, too.

Here’s another video of a protester running around on the private property with a Mexican flag:

Protesters, part of “Lights for Liberty,” are opposed to ICE deporting illegal aliens with final orders for removal.

The Colorado Sentinel reports:

Lights for Liberty had scheduled vigils and marches across the country ahead of a nationwide immigration enforcement operation announced yesterday by the Trump Administration.

The operation, which is sparking outrage and concern among immigrant advocates, would target people with final orders of removal, including families whose immigration cases had been fast-tracked by judges in 10 major cities, including Denver. It’s not so far clear whether ICE will be targeting just the city of Denver or the entire metro area, including Aurora.

Eventually, some of protestors made their way beyond the barricade. Then, they removed the flags —  a GEO Group banner, a U.S. flag and a Colorado flag —  and put up their own, a Mexican flag, an upside down U.S. flag, and a final flag that condemned police officers.

Organizers claimed over 1,000 people would show up. That didn’t appear to be the case.