Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza uses Twitter to raise awareness about a chilling trend that’s claiming the lives of thousands of Americans like her son every year: Illegal immigrants who commit murder.

Twitter doesn’t think she deserves a voice.

“My friend and also founder of angel moms, @mamendoza480 has been suspended by twitter from brining truth that 4300 American citizens are killed at the hands of illegal aliens every year!” Angel mom Kiyan Michael posted Thursday. “You know it’s bad when an angel mom is banned for this:”

Michael included a screen shot of the a message Mendoza received from Twitter, which “determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules.”

The note cited “rules against hateful conduct.”

“You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease,” according to the cited rules.

The post from Mendoza referenced by Twitter blamed Rep. Joe Kennedy for promoting policies that enable illegal immigrants to literally get away with murder. Mendoza’s son Brandon, a Mesa Police officer, was killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving under the influence when he crashed into his cruiser.

“He had been charged up in Colorado in the ’90s for burglary and assaulting a police officer, and of course, usual fashion, they’re given a court date to show up for, which he never did,” Mendoza told WBUR last year. “And so he was on the run in our country. He was reapprehended in 2002 at the border coming back into the country, and the judge showed him leniency and let him back out onto our streets.”

Mendoza told the news station she’s simply fighting to ensure that illegal immigrants pay for their crimes, like everyone else in America.

“These illegal alien felons have already been convicted of crimes and have been put on a deportation list. But they’re just left to roam our country. They want due process in our country, but they’re not forced to serve time like you or I would be,” she said. “They’re just deported. And next week, they’ll walk back over the border, and they’ll be back, because they know this is a joke.”

Mendoza also publicly supports President Trump and his attempts to control illegal immigration.

On July 13, Mendoza tweeted to @RepJoeKennedy:

“Heaven forbid one of those unvettted, fighting aged men gets released and harms or kills someone you love … I know first hand what ONE ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL can do to devastate a family FOREVER. Look my son in his eyes and tell him YOU’RE SORRY for contributing to his death.”

Folks who share Mendoza’s perspective were livid over her Twitter suspension.

“I see nothing wrong with her tweet,” Den Lewis wrote. “How long is she suspended for?”

“Indefinitely,” Angel mom Kiyan Michael responded. “They won’t start it again until she removes those tweets which she stated she’s not removing them …”

Michael contends Mendoza is “blocked from all access.”

“@TwitterSupporet ‘look my son in the eye’ is promoting violence? Her son was murdered,” USATamiW added. “This is ridiculous Twitter.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m missing the part that promotes violence against, threatens, or harasses @RepJoeKennedy,” Senior Wiener wrote.

“It’s for calling criminal border jumpers illegal aliens. Apparent it’s a banned term & using it is considered to be abuse & threats towards what the assholes at Twitter call a protected class,” Matt chimed in. “Yes, Twitter considers criminal invaders to be a ‘protected class’. Reality has fled.”