Two anti-vegan crusaders wanted to save their foodie foes from “malnutrition,” so they decided to eat raw squirrels to protest a vegan event in London this spring.

This week, the proud meat-eaters learned the stunt will cost them several hundred dollars each.

According to Fox News:

On Monday, Gatis Lagzdins, 29, and Deonisy Khlebnikov, 22, were sentenced to pay fines of 200 pounds (roughly $250) and 400 pounds ($500) respectively, plus “costs and a surcharge,” for causing harassment, alarm or distress at the March 30 event, the Crown Prosecution Service of England and Wales confirmed.

The dynamic duo created quite the spectacle when they descended on the weekly Soho Vegan Market to “raise awareness of the alleged dangers of a vegan diet” by eating from bloody animals in front of bystanders, including children who were reportedly freaked out by the ordeal.

Lagzdins, a YouTuber who goes by the name of “Sv3rige aka Goatis,” donned a sleeveless black shirt with white letters that read “Veganism=Malnutrition” on the front, and “Sv3rige” on the back. Video of the incident shows Lagzdins munching on the bloody squirrel’s innards as he spoke with folks who gathered in a large crowd. He also had a dead bird hanging from a string around his neck.

“Why are you doing this?” one person asked. “I eat meat, but I don’t do this.”

The stunt was planned ahead of time, with Lagzdins telling Metro his mission was to save vegans from their “religion.”

“My message is that veganism is malnutrition and the reason I and other people eat raw meat is to show what humans eat in nature,” he said. “We try to talk to the vegans and explain to them that there are over 15 nutrients that they can’t get from plants.

“Quite often, we do make them understand and get them to look into it a bit more.”

Lagzdins said he’s met many vegans who “get very ill” from their diet, but “believe it’s the best as it’s become a religion for them.”

“Vegans are mostly about morals and ethics, but they don’t know anything about nutrition,” he said. “They blindly believe we can go from eating meat to just eating plants like a cow, but we can’t as humans.”

It wasn’t the first time Lagzdins has gone to extremes to advocate for his cause.

The outspoken carnivore previously ate a pig’s head during a VegFest in Brighton, England, as well as a bloody veal heart at a vegan festival in Amsterdam, according to Fox News.

Lagzdins complained at a hearing in June that he wasn’t being disorderly, and video showed the pro-meat protestors were not aggressive, but the prosecutor argued otherwise.

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“By choosing to do this outside a vegan food stall and continuing with their disgusting and unnecessary behavior despite requests to stop, including from a parent whose child was upset by their actions, the prosecution was able to demonstrate that they had planned and intended to cause distress to the public,” CPS senior prosecutor Natalie Clines said in a statement.

“Their pre-meditated actions caused significant distress to members of the public, including young children.”