A new video posted to YouTube is offering an eye-opening look at the folks who truly control the U.S.-Mexico border, and they’re some bad hombres.

“These sicarios are with Gente Nueva, ‘The New People,’” intelligence consultant Jaeson Jones posted to Twitter. “Focus on the helmets, belt-fed weapons, 50cal. Rifle, & body armor these sicarios are wearing. Gente Nueva operates in the city of Juarez across from El Paso, Texas.”

The post features a video uploaded to YouTube by Mario Quintana with a Spanish title that roughly translates to “The poster of the new people and the state of Chihuahua.” The new people, Gente Nueva, is the heavily armed enforcement arm of the Sinaloa Cartel, El Chapo’s criminal enterprise.

The footage begins with several minutes of text on a black background explaining the group’s brutal and bloody reign, before cutting to video of 10 Gente Nueva fully decked out and ready for war, surrounding a blindfolded man with his hands cuffed behind his back.

The men are clearly well-organized and well-funded, with full fatigues, bullet-proof vests with insignias, and a lot of very large guns. Clad in helmets with facemasks, the men interrogated the prisoner, while displaying fully automatic machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, massive .50 caliber rifles, and ammo belts with hundreds and hundreds of rounds.

Gente Nueva, also known as Los Chapos, was founded as a squad of hitmen roughly a decade ago to take out the Juarez Cartel in north-west Mexico and gain control of the lucrative El Paso-Juarez drug smuggling corridor, the route for roughly 70 percent of cocaine that comes into the U.S., according to the DEA.

The group is believed to be responsible for thousands of murders along the border, including many gruesome deaths displayed in public with messages for enemies and authorities.

The video posted by Quintana, which details Gente Nueva’s brutal reign, is only one of several illustrating the group’s influence in the region.

In June, Borderland Beat offered another video that’s since been deleted from YouTube.

“The segment shows some 600 narco troops gathered in a mountain landscape donning military uniforms, plate carriers, chest rigs, long and short weapons. In the background the song of Agrupacion 360 ‘Seguimos Laborando (We keep on laboring)’ is heard, which makes reference to the type of weaponry of the ‘Sinaloa Cartel,’” according to the blog.

“’We bring change, fragmentation grenades, anti aircraft RPGs, expansive rounds, M60, one glock, more than 30 years that we have governed and we owe it to the man who is locked away (Chapo), we know how to work, we are in charge here.’”