“I think they know our schedules better than we do,” Border Patrol agent Ferguson said after an encounter with migrant smugglers.

In a clip posted Friday, “Tripwires & Triggers” host Jaeson Jones shows a CBP agent coming across some troublemakers stranded on a tree branch and unable to get to the U.S. side of the border.

The boat that dropped them in the area had returned to the Mexican side, so they were stranded.

But as the handful begins the standoff with the lone agent, they turned cocky.

“We’re here with these agents that won’t let us cross over,” one of them complained as he sat and lit up a marijuana joint.

“I just want to live a good life and these agents won’t let me cross,” the illegal lamented.

“Aren’t you sleepy? Go to bed,” he taunted the agent. “You have been working a long time.”

Ferguson looked at his watched and confirmed he had two more hours in his shift.

“Two more hours. Yes, I know,” the smuggler confirmed.

“We have everything under control here and in Roma,” he continued, referring to the Texas city at the border.

“We even know your schedules.”

“I think they know our schedules and all the drills and stuff better than we do,” Ferguson said.

The agent had to leave the scene to investigate another situation, and told the smugglers to return to Mexico.

It’s not clear if they did, or if their operation was disrupted.

According to Jones, the incident occurred in March.