Bernie Sanders’s 2020 campaign seems to be lacking the pizazz of 2016.

The socialist was in Las Vegas over the weekend and played to a small crowd under a tent.

Sanders hit all of the familiar topics without a microphone on Sunday.

Speaking about the importance of the Nevada caucuses, Sanders noticed a little girl and used her as a prop.

“Our job is just to bring people out, that’s what it is. It’s to grab them,” he said, leaving forward and pulling the girl into him.

“See this young lady? It’s to grab them and say come on out,” he said, hugging her as the small crowd laughed.

Sanders said he wants a “living wage” and jobs for all.

“Does climate change exist,” he said, sticking his head out of the tent.

“Yes, I think climate change exists,” he observed on an August day in the desert.

His vow to cancel student debt earned a smattering of applause from the tiny audience.

Sanders told the fans to not give into their friends who say they’re wasting their time in politics.

“We’re fighting for these little kids,” he said, raising his voice, causing the little kids to move away from him.