Congressman Tim Ryan nearly devolved into gibberish when he browbeat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today, demanding the Senate pass new gun grabbing laws in the wake of two mass shootings.

Ryan lost his composure and yelled (despite his campaign selling “You Don’t Have To Yell” bumperstickers, demanding McConnell bring the Senate back from recess to do what the congressman wants.

Predicting Trump will do nothing, Ryan said, “He’s gonna show up, go to these events today in Texas and Ohio, and then he’s gonna slow walk this thing.

“And Mitch McConnell’s gonna do what he’s done every damn time. He just follows the president. But he needs to recognize is he’s in a co-equal branch of government,” Ryan lectured.

“These Republican senators need to go off, grab the Constitution, dust it off, and read Article 1, which creates the Congress,” he continued, noting the presidency comes in Article 2.

“Article 1 says he are governed by the people and Mitch McConnell better understand that. We’re gonna apply as much pressure as is humanly possible. Jim, I can’t tell you how sick we are about this. This is happening in too many communities.

“It’s happening in Dayton and El Paso and all this other stuff,” he continued, his voice rising. “We’re sittin’ around here waiting for Mitch McConnell to get his marching orders from Donald Trump, who’s causing white nationalists to go around, shooting people of color in the United States??”

He bellowed, “I mean, give me a break! Come on Mitch McConnell! I mean, where are your guts? You’re supposed to be from Kentucky. Everybody I know from Kentucky got a s— got a— got guts!

“So get your, get your cu-yones,” he continued, presumably trying to say cojones, and mispronouncing, the Spanish word for testicles, “okay? Grab ’em, and do something, because the American people are fed up with you, we’re fed up with you stonewallin’ everything. People are dying on the streets a couple hours from your house!”