Joe Biden’s gaffes on the campaign trail continue.

During a stop in Iowa today, he was attempting to deliver a crescendo of applause lines, only for him to botch it.

“We choose unity over division! We choose science over fiction! We choose truth over facts!” he said on the Des Moines Register Political Soap Box at the Iowa State Fair.

He didn’t correct himself.

Later in the day, Biden committed another blunder, saying “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Yesterday wasn’t much better for the Democrat front runner.

Biden went to Burlington, Iowa for a major speech on the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton over the weekend, and sought to lay blame at the feet of the president.

But Biden’s campaign livestream went on for nearly 5 minutes before audio was restored. (Here’s the original livestream to see it for yourself, Brian Stelter.)

Watch the highlights:

“He assigned a moral equivalence, a moral equivalence between those spewing hate…” he said, repeating himself.

Moments later, a fly began buzzing around his face, and Biden did his best to ignore it, even though it caused him to flinch.

After stumbling over “hysteria,” he said Trump “called an American— a major American center— city a disgusting rat-infected rodent mess.”

Biden started to say “Klan,” but seemed to slur through it as he changed to “KKK.”

He said there’s a problem of “supremacy— white supremacy.”

Biden marred the name of the Southern Poverty Law Center — a favorite of leftists — forgetting “Law.”

After mispronouncing “extremism,” he struggled with “extreme white right wing groups— white nationalists.”