A presidential candidate who thought enough of the communist Soviet Union to honeymoon there basked in his crowd chanting “Moscow Mitch” about the Senate Majority Leader on Wednesday.

Activists started using the nickname because they claim McConnell is “refusing to protect elections from Russian interference,” BoingBoing reports.

But it was Sanders who spent 10 days on a “honeymoon” in the Soviet Union — and specifically Russia — in 1988.

The Washington Post reports:

Bernie Sanders was bare-chested, towel-draped, sitting at a table lined with vodka bottles, as he sang “This Land Is Your Land” to his hosts in the Soviet Union in the spring of 1988.

The just-married socialist mayor from Vermont was on what he called “a very strange honeymoon,” an official 10-day visit to the communist country, and he was enthralled with the hospitality and the lessons that could be brought home.

“Let’s take the strengths of both systems,” he said upon completing the trip. “Let’s learn from each other.”

There was even a video:

“I got really upset and walked out,” trip attendee David F. Kelley told the Post. “When you are a critic of your country, you can say anything you want on home soil. At that point, the Cold War wasn’t over, the arms race wasn’t over, and I just wasn’t comfortable with it.”