Investigative reporter Chris Hansen is raising questions about Jeffrey Epstein’s reported suicide today, and claims “heads will roll” at the prison where he was being housed.

“While Epstein may be dead of suicide, heads are going to roll at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility,” Hansen said in his casual Twitter video.

“Epstein, because of his earlier suicide attempt, was in a special area of the lockup where he was monitored 24/7. He was wearing paper clothes with which he could not have hung himself,” he said, “and he was given blankets which he could not use to hang himself.”

“So, who knows what and what was involved here,” Hansen said.

Hansen claims not every person watching Epstein was a corrections officer.

“They are so short staffed at this facility that officials use inmates themselves as trustees to monitor other inmates,” Hansen said.

“That’s in play, as well.”

According to numerous media reports, Epstein was found “hanged” this morning by apparent suicide.

The New York Post published photos of Epstein on a gurney appearing blue.