Ahead of the second Democratic presidential debate in Detroit, failed Texas senate candidate Beto O’Rourke chatted about the improving economy with a family in Flint while his wife served up her “awesome spaghetti.”

Last week, O’Rourke posted another video to social media of his clumsy attempt to fix a flat on a Toyota Tundra.

Now, he’s helping folks move to cast himself as the helpful every man. His followers are eating it up, while others mock the incessant pandering.

“We ran into some supporters in Little Rock who were helping their friend Anna move in, and decided to surprise her by lending a hand,” O’Rourke recently posted with a video to Twitter.

The three-minute clip shows O’Rourke carrying a single chair up to Anna’s new apartment, where she greets the candidate and her friend with shock.

“Cynthia, tell us what’s happening here,” a woman recording the video said.

“So Beto met some amazing people here. They said that somebody that they are helping to move in is a huge fan of Beto’s so he is going to surprise them,” Cynthia said. “She’s moving into this apartment right here.”

O’Rourke toted a chair while Cynthia and another staffer headed up to the apartment empty-handed, and the group ran into Anna at the elevator.

“Hello,” Anna said, stunned by the surprise visit.

“Hey, I’m Beto, nice to meet you,” the former congressman said.

“Hi, nice to meet you too,” Anna said with a nervous laugh. “That’s a surprise.”

The group made small talk about Anna’s recent college graduation and move from Conway, Arkansas. Anna told Beto she moved to Little Rock for more opportunities to play acoustic guitar, and he shared his time as a wanna-be rocker.

“Right on, I used to play music. Not well, but used to play … guitar and bass and drums,” O’Rourke said.

“Well, I have a Rock Band drum set in here, so …,” she said.

Once inside the apartment, O’Rourke offered his assessment.

“This is such a nice place,” he said. “These wood hard floors, the light …”

Most of the folks who commented on the Twitter video fawned over the move, though many others mocked the stunt for what it was.

“Wow, all of his supporters in one place at the same time,” Tyler Yzaguirre joked. “Congrats little Beto.”

“I always photo myself when I help a stranger,” John Squyres posted.

“Lucky you filmed it so we could all see what a top human being you are,” Sylvia added.

“Dude really … what’s next?” CustomCoder wrote. “This is sad.”

“Holy cow!!!! You picked up a chair!!” Jb posted. “You got my vote Robert.”