A high-pitched Bill de Blasio addressed unionists in Iowa today after he missed his flight to the early caucus state.

The New York City mayor was scheduled to appear in person, but apparently had to cancel due to a missed flight.

A moderator said he would speak via “video-conferencing,” but when de Blasio came on the screen, something was horribly wrong.

“Hey, thank you everybody,” de Blasio said in a high-pitched voice, likely leaving some wondering if he had sucked helium before the appearance.

“I’m so happy with you and I apologize I couldn’t be there in person. I had a canceled flight and could not get to you by my time slot, but I want to just say, before I get into anything about why I’m running for president and what we have to do in this country, I want to thank you for the fight you’re waging every day,” he continued as Iowa Federation of Labor organizers frantically fiddled with the controls to correct de Blasio’s voice.

“Organized labor in Iowa has been fighting a really, really, difficult battle,” he continued as his face was suddenly obscured by the video control panel, “but you’ve been doing it in a way that shows so much passion, so much strength, and I believe the tide is turning,” he said.

He said appreciated the unionists in the state.

It didn’t appear his audio was ever corrected.

It’s possible de Blasio had just seen the results of the 2019 Cast Your Kernel presidential poll that found him in next-to-last place with 61 votes — out of 33,165 cast for Democrats, NBC 13 reports.

The mayor of America’s largest city received just .18 percent of the votes.