Joe Biden’s speaking problems on the campaign trail continue.

During a town hall event in Spartanburg, South Carolina on Wednesday, Biden would repeatedly say, “I’m not joking” or “I’m being serious” while attempting to make a point.

“Some of the comments being made are close to irrational,” he said towards the beginning of his remarks, without a bit of irony.

He was apparently talking about Trump, not himself.

Biden was using a podium mic, before he attempted to switch to a hand-held. He struggled to get it to work, only for it to work for a moment, and then cut out. He eventually went back to the podium.

As he regaled the audience with his experiences during the Obama administration, he talked about China and said, “His name was President Hu — not a joke — President Hu.”

He didn’t elaborate on why attendees would think he was joking.

At least twice, he stuttered awkwardly.

Moments later, he sought to tout his gun control credentials, and said a strange comment about one of the issue’s champions: James Brady.

“The Brady Bill, that’s the one with the background checks, I was able to get that passed early on. Mr. Brady, the guy who finally died, the guy who was shot with Reagan…” he stumbled.

Biden was talking about “climate change,” when he stopped himself and began to banter with a woman in the front row with a dog.

“By the way, my dogs too, they don’t like him either,” he said.

The woman had “Dogs Against Trump.”

While promoting the idea of charging stations across America for electric cars, he seemed to get lost in the thought, stopping and saying, “…and the reason, anyway,” before talking about Henry Ford wanting gas stations.