A geriatric Joe Biden supporter — face contorted, neck veins bulging — left his seat at the former vice president’s South Carolina rally on Thursday to get in the face of a Trump fan and threaten him.

Video shows the Trump supporter wearing a navy blue MAGA hat and standing behind the media. After a few moments, he appears to respond to someone to his right who was apparently opposed to his presence at the event.

That’s when a man in a white “Liberty” t-shirt left his seat five rows away to handle the situation.

“This guy right here?” the man demanded from the fellow Biden supporters. Several people turned to see what was about to happen, as it was more interesting than Biden’s speech.

“Get your ass outta here!” he told the Trump fan.

When the Trump supporter asked why, the man in the “Liberty” shirt said, “Because I want you to get your ass outta here.”

“Punk ass!” he told him as the two argued.

“You smell like you been drinkin’!” the Biden supporter accused. “You gonna let him talk to me like that?” he said to a security agent after he initiated the altercation.

People began to intervene to diffuse the situation, before the Biden supporter lunged at the Trump fan and declared, “Watch your face!”

He struggled to break free as security grabbed him, likely fearing it would escalate to violence.

“Asshole!” the man declared as he was escorted out.

Here’s another angle:

A man who attempted to diffuse the situation ended up grabbing the man’s Trump 2020 hat off his head, before being forced to give it back.

The Trump supporter and his wife tried to stay at the event, before being forced to leave.