The University of Wisconsin-Madison placed small American flags on campus to commemorate the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the hijackers were included in the number of those killed.

Wisconsin radio host Vicki McKenna notes 2,996 flags were stuck in the ground at Bascom Hill.

“They included the HIJACKERS, apparently,” McKenna wrote on Facebook of the remembrance.

“The number of people killed by the 9/11 terrorists was 2,977. There were 19 hijackers. 2,977+19=2,996. Wow,” she said.

The University credited “the students of V.E.T.S., College Republicans of UW-Madison and College Democrats of UW-Madison” with the display.

That wasn’t the only controversy from the 18th anniversary of the New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania attacks by Islamists.

The Week reports the New York Times tweeted that “airplanes took aim” at the Twin Towers.

The paper deleted the tweet to clarify.

“We’ve deleted an earlier tweet to this story and have edited for clarity. The story has also been updated,” the Times wrote.