Hillary Clinton has been in Europe for several days, and she made a special stop at a supermarket in Italy to visit an art exhibit where she sat at a replica of the Oval Office “Resolute” desk and browsed her old emails.

The display is the work of Kenneth Goldsmith, a University of Pennsylvania faculty member.

One shot shows the failed president candidate sitting at the desk with a large binder of the emails at the Venice store:

A video shows Hillary at another part of the exhibit, reading the old emails intently, reportedly for over an hour. Several bound books of the emails are on shelves behind her.

She intently studied what appeared to be a news article that was included in the emails.

When asked about the episode, she said, “It was and is still one of the strangest, most absurd events in American political history. And anyone can go in, they can look at them, there’s nothing there.”

She insisted there was nothing “controversial” about her emails, but “it was made that way and that’s what happened,” she said, invoking the title of her recent book and defending her actions.

She went after Russia again, saying the country is “trying to influence elections in all of the democracies, and they conducted a sweeping and systematic attack on our elections.”

“So that was a big factor that had never been part of our system before. So there’s a lot to be learned and hopefully prevented so that it doesn’t happen again and people who are citizens of democracies, whether it’s Italy, the United States, or anywhere else, can have confidence that actually they’re the ones electing the people that represent them,” Hillary said.

She said we don’t want “manipulation through the internet” affecting elections.

In 2017, Hillary fantasized about leaving Earth to be president somewhere else.

The failed Democratic candidate talked with Now This in November, a liberal online news outlet, where she pined for a presidency.

While discussing a variety of topics, Clinton envisioned leaving Earth and venturing Earth 2, where that planet apparently faces the same issues as the actual Earth.

“We went to another planet with Hillary,” the caption reads as Clinton and Now This’s Nico Pitney fired off a series of topics.

“People joke about Earth 2, where you are president,” he told a giggling Hillary.

Regarding Earth 2’s North Korea, Clinton said she would have “full on diplomatic pressure” to solve the crisis with the portly dictator Kim Jong-un.

Clinton said if she was in charge, she would be “putting as much money as it took into enforcing the laws we already have” on guns, and added she would want “universal background checks.”

After answering a question about the opioid crisis, a handler attempted to cut off the interview.

“I fear we have to end it here,” a voice off camera said.

“Okay,” Pitney responded.

“You want one more? I’ll be short — one more. Because I like being on Earth 2,” Hillary said.

Pitney then asked Clinton what she would do about Russia.

“If I had been president, or on Earth 2, where I am,” Hillary said she would have an “independent commission” look into the alleged Russian “hacking” of the presidential election.