Joe Biden ignored immigration activists who heckled the former vice president over millions of illegal immigrants deported during the Obama administration during a recent campaign stop in Miami.

“.@JoeBiden claims to have stood his ground against a ‘bad dude’ nicknamed #CornPop in the 60’s, but today in Miami he ran away when my friend, a local activist, asked him about his terrible immigration record,” Geoff Campbell posted to Twitter with a video.

The footage shows Biden flanked by staff as he took a selfie and pushed through a small crowd Sunday.

“Mr. Vice President,” a man behind the camera shouted.

“Mr. Vice President, 3 million people were deported in your administration,” he shouted as Biden turned to look at him. “What was going on?”

“Why were you trying to deport people to curry favor with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?” the man yelled.

Biden didn’t bother to respond, and instead ducked behind a palm tree and into the Ball & Chain in Little Havana.

“He ducks the question,” the heckler said.

Once inside, Obama’s right-hand man took aim at Trump, who he said has “abandoned out leadership in the hemisphere,” the Miami Herald reports.

Sporting aviators and a white dress shirt, Biden preached about how he could put out the fires in the Amazon rain forest, and defended his close relationship with Socialist Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

“While the Amazon in burning, we’re talking about $20 million to organize, to help (Brazil President Jair) Bolsanaro do something?” Biden questioned. “Were I president, we’d make it real clear. Mr. President, here’s the deal: It’s in your area but you’re causing damage to the whole world. We’ll pay you all you’ll need to do worldwide to take on the responsibility of ending those fires and not taking down the rain forests. And if you don’t, here are the consequences.”

The tough talk was the same way Biden alleged to have handled the deteriorating conditions in Venezuela while vice president, he said, ignoring the obvious fact that things have only gotten worse for Venezuelans since he met with Maduro in Brazil in 2015,

“I do know Maduro. I did have a coming to the Lord meeting with Maduro. No matter that the press said I didn’t: Not true,” Biden said.

“I told (Maduro), we’d talk with him if he did the following things, starting with setting up elections, making sure he’d release political prisoners, a whole range of things,” Biden said, according to the Herald. “That kind of ended our conversation.”

The immigration hecklers in Miami follow attacks during a 2020 Democrat presidential debate in Houston last week, when former U.S. Housing Secretary Julian Castro attacked Biden over the Obama administration’s deportation policies. Obama earned the moniker “Deporter in Chief” for removing millions of illegal immigrants from the country during his eight years in office.

Castro alleged Biden wants to “take credit for Obama’s work but not have to answer any questions” about controversial policies on immigration and other issues, The Texas Tribune reports.

Ironically, Castro himself praised Obama’s immigration policies in testimony to Congress while serving as U.S. Housing Secretary in 2013, according to the news site.

Castro told lawmakers in 2013 that “border security” should involve “boots on the ground” and increased “interior enforcement” – or removing illegal immigrants living in the U.S.

Castro now endorses the repeal of the U.S. immigration law that makes crossing the border a crime, which many equate to an “open borders” policy.