Congressional Democrats are ramping up efforts to impeach President Trump, and he’s using it to raise money for his re-election campaign.

Trump sent out a fundraising email this afternoon, urging supporters to join an “Official Impeachment Defense Task Force.”

“This task force will be made up of only President Trump’s most LOYAL supporters, the ones committed to fighting for him, re-electing him, and taking back the House,” the email reads.

“House Democrats are holding a meeting at 4 PM EDT today to discuss their Impeachment plans and the President wants us to send him a list of every Patriot who stands with him before the meeting.”

The email asks supporters for a $45 contribution.

“As a member of the Official Impeachment Defense Task Force, you will be a leader in defending the President against these baseless and disgusting attacks. You will be responsible for defending American Greatness,” it reads.

“The future of American freedom rests on the shoulders of men and women willing to defend it from these hateful attacks, and today is a day for action.

“President Trump wants to know who stood with him when it mattered most, which is why we are sending him a list of EVERY AMERICAN PATRIOT who contributes and joins the Official Impeachment Defense Taskforce,” it states.

The email claims the move to impeach Trump “has nothing to do with the President,” but to “take YOUR VOTE away.”

As the email says, Democrats are meeting today to consider pursuing impeachment proceedings.

The Daily Mail reports:

Fresh calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump will move a step closer on Tuesday as House Democrats head into a closed-door meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi at 4:00 p.m. 

Democrats themselves remained divided on moving forward with an effort to impeach Trump. Pelosi has resisted calls for impeachment and is sticking with her position that Congress must not start formal proceedings unless the American public demands it. 

Trump has been defiant, openly acknowledging that during a July discussion with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, he raised the subject of whether former Vice President Joe Biden was at the root of any corruption.

While he denies asking Zelensky to investigate the man who is now his angriest Democratic rival, he told reporters Monday at the United Nations that ‘it would probably, possibly have been O.K. if I did.’

‘But I didn’t,’ he said, his dander up in a conflict posture. ‘I didn’t put any pressure on them whatsoever.’

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Trump said Tuesday about the clamor for impeachment. “It’s a witch hunt. I’m leading in the polls. They have no idea how they stop me. The only way they can try is through impeachment.”