Could Hillary Clinton be a late entrant into the presidential race?

The failed 2016 candidate, who already has maximum name ID and a demonstrated strong ability to raise money, declined to endorse any candidate in the race during an appearance on The Late Show, which will air tonight.

“Have you endorsed anyone?” host Stephen Colbert asked Clinton.

“No,” she responded quickly, “no I’m not going to.”

“No? No matter what they— what if somebody came out right now and said, ‘”let’s get rid of the Electoral College?'” he asked. “Would you be all in for that person?”

Dodging, she touted her own position.

“Well, they’ve all said that. Pretty much they’ve all said that. I said that since 2000, and boy, did I mean it in 2016,” she responded, before bursting into loud laughter.

Clinton is in the midst of an extensive media tour promoting a new book with her daughter, Chelsea. In addition to appearing on The Late Show, Hillary was on CBS Sunday Morning and will tape an episode of The View.