Hillary Clinton took a rhetorical sledgehammer to President Trump on Wednesday in a way no other 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has done.

The failed 2016 nominee appeared on MSNBC’s Maddow and spent 96 percent of the time not promoting her book, but attacking her former foe and pushing his impeachment.

Hillary spent just 49 seconds discussing her new “Gutsy Women” book during the roughly 21-minute appearance.

“I think this incredible series of events that we are living through right now are overwhelming in their intensity and velocity,” Clinton said, “but they are also so sad and distressing to have a government that is now engaged in behavior that puts our national security at risk in order to further the president’s personal and political interests.

“It is tragic,” she said.

Clinton claimed Trump used funds to “threaten and intimidate the new president of Ukraine,” which he recently denied.

She went on to suggest Trump is allied with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

“We know that the aggressiveness of Putin has been unchecked, and I would argue actually accelerated in both rhetoric and potential adverse actions to our interests because of what Trump has made clear that he supports and looks to Vladimir Putin,” Clinton told Rachel Maddow.

Clinton demanded the release of transcripts of calls between Trump and Putin, and other world leaders — something she never proposed while she worked for President Obama.

“Ukraine is the canary in the coal mine of what this president and his allies have been up to,” she claimed.

Clinton agreed when Maddow suggested White House officials “attempted to hide” call transcripts.

“This was embarrassing and potentially impeachable the way the president was pressuring the president of Ukraine,” she said.

Hillary played up impeachment throughout the appearance, making reference three different times to her experience on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the effort to impeach Richard Nixon.

“You should look at anything that could amount to abuse of power or obstruction of justice or contempt of Congress, and if people were part of that, as they were in the Nixon administration, then yes, they should be held accountable,” she said.

Clinton talked briefly about her book at the beginning of the second segment. Her example of a “Gutsy Woman” was Barbara Jordan, who gave a speech in favor of Nixon’s impeachment.