According to Joe Biden’s spokeswoman, President Obama was well aware of his vice president’s son, Hunter Biden, raking in millions from a Ukrainian gas company and didn’t think it was an issue.

Kate Bedingfield, the elder Biden’s deputy campaign manager, appeared on MSNBC to discuss her boss’ recent editorial in The Washington Post when she confirmed what many folks already suspected: President Obama knew Hunter Biden received $50,000 a month from Burmisa Holdings while his father oversaw relations with the Ukraine and did nothing about it.

“Look, every single independent outlet that’s looked into this has said there’s no issue of wrongdoing here. You know, in 2014 the White House cleared Hunter Biden serving on that board,” Bedingfield said.

“So he’s absolutely been asked that question and he’s answered it many times,” she said, referring to Hunter Biden’s shady business.

“But what he’s not going to do, what our campaign is not going to do, is play by Donald Trump’s playbook,” Bedingfield continued. “This is what they want to do. Overnight, right, we saw an AP headline that says Rudy Giuliani and some of his cohorts, while they were in Ukraine trying to dig up dirt – make up dirt – on Joe Biden, they were also trying to make a buck off of Ukrainian natural gas contracts.”

“So I think what we’ll see is they’ll continue to try to change the subject and we’re not going to let them do that,” she said.

Ironically, changing the subject appears to be the goal of the Biden campaign’s response to the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden. The campaign isn’t disputing Hunter Biden received $50,000 a month from the Ukraine gas company despite having no experience in the gas industry or the Ukraine. The campaign isn’t disputing the billions Hunter Biden and his companies collected from Chinese investors, or the fact that he rode with his father to China to conduct business while Joe Biden met with government officials.

Instead, the Biden campaign is attempting to focus the media’s attention on President Trump’s phone calls with foreign officials to get to the bottom of the corruption, alleging the president, not Biden, is abusing his influence.

In Biden’s Post editorial, the 76-year-old career politician refrains from mentioning Hunter by name, opting instead to focus on the president’s alleged attempts to “destroy my family.”

“To Trump and those who facilitate his abuses of power, and all the special interests funding his attacks against me: Please know that I’m not going anywhere. You won’t destroy me, and you won’t destroy my family.

“And come November 2020, I intend to beat you like a drum,” Biden wrote.

Trump, meanwhile, has different plans, and they don’t involve Joe Biden.

“I would LOVE running against 1% Joe Biden – I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Sleepy Joe won’t get to the starting gate, & based on all the money he & his family probably ‘extorted,’ Joe should hang it up,” Trump tweeted. “I wouldn’t want him dealing with China & U!”