Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren is sliding off the deep end, most recently with leap to the left on her thoughts about taxpayers funding sex changes for convicted criminals.

In 2012, Warren said she thought it was a bad idea. But at a CNN “Equality Town Hall” in Los Angeles on Thursday, the 70-year-old Massachusetts politician reversed course, claiming transgender criminals are entitled to “gender affirming surgery” as an “important” basic right.

“In the 2012 campaign for senate, you criticized a judge’s ruling that granted transition related surgery to a transgender inmate. You said, ‘I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars,’” CNN’s Chris Cuomo told Warren.

“Do you regret that?” he asked.

“Yup,” she said. “I think it was a bad answer.”

“I believe everyone is entitled to medical care and medical care that they need, and that includes people who are transgender, who it is the time for them to have gender-affirming surgery,” Warren said.

“I just think that’s important, and the appropriate medical care.”

The conversation was much different in 2012, when a radio host questioned Warren about her opponent’s take on a federal court ruling requiring Massachusetts to fund his sex change, despite a conviction for killing his wife in the 1990s.

“Are you outraged too, or do you think the federal court made the right decision?” the host asked Warren.

“I have to say, I don’t think this is a good use of taxpayer money,” Warren replied.

“So you oppose the funding for the sex change operation for this … character,” the host questioned to clarify.

“Yup,” Warren said.

The flip-flip is nothing new for Warren, who has veered drastically to the left to become the leading radical socialist in the Democratic presidential primary. Warren began her adult life as a “diehard conservative,” Politico reports, and did not register as a Democrat until the 1990s.

For years, Warren also happily collected big campaign contributions from lobbyists who represented big tech companies like Google and massive pharmaceutical drug makers. Now, Warren alleges those kinds of donations are dirty money and she’s calling on all presidential candidates to disavow such support, CNBC reports.

“Warren didn’t seem to have any trouble taking our money in 2018, but suddenly we were power brokers and influence peddlers in 2019,” former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell wrote in a recent editorial in The Washington Post. “The year before, we were wonderful. I co-chaired one of the events for the senator and received a glowing, handwritten thank-you letter from her for my hard work.”

Warren has also shifted to supporting marijuana legalization, campaigns to decriminalize illegal immigration, and avoids talking about what her radical government-imposed “solutions” will ultimately cost taxpayers.

“Should middle class taxpayers expect their taxes to go up under a Medicare for All system?” America Rising asked Warren late last month.

It was a simple question that received a meandering and vague response.

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“How we have to think about this system is, yes, we should expect that for giant corporations and very wealthy individuals, costs will go up,” Warren said. “But for middle class families, hardworking people, costs are going to go down.”

“But that’s not the same as taxes not going up,” a reporter pressed.

“What matters to families is costs,” Warren insisted.