“Blossom” is “sick and tired” of the rampant discrimination against black trans women raging across the country, so she commandeered the microphone during Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s slot at CNN’s “Equality Town Hall” on Thursday to chide CNN for perpetuating the problem.

“Let me tell you something, black trans women are being killed in this country,” Blossom shouted into the microphone, snatching it from a woman in the audience who acknowledged transgender folks who attended the talk with several 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

The bizarre encounter came as CNN moderator Don Lemon took a question from the mother of a transgender child for Beto O’Rourke, who smiled and applauded as Blossom launched into her lecture.

“CNN, you have erased trans black women for the last time,” Blossom shouted as she approached the stage. “Let me tell you something, black trans women are dying. Our lives matter.”

“I’m an extraordinary black trans woman, and I deserve to be here,” she declared to applause. “My black trans sisters that are here. I am tired. I am so tired of just sitting there.”

“And it’s not just my black trans women, it’s my black trans brothers, too,” the woman screamed as Lemon repeatedly attempted to intervene.

“Ma’am, ma’am,” Lemon chimed in.

“I’m gone say what I’m gone say,” the woman shot back.

“No, no, come here, I just want to tell you something. What’s your name?” Lemon said.

“Blossom,” the woman replied. “Look at me. Please look at me.”

Lemon managed to coax the microphone from the woman and prevent her from getting on stage, while also defending CNN against Blossom’s charges of discrimination.

“Blossom, let me tell you something,” Lemon said. “The reason that we’re here is to validate people like you. That is why we are here.”

Blossom wasn’t buying it.

“Not one black trans woman has taken the mic tonight,” she yelled without the microphone, as Beto stood silently. “Not one black man has taken the mic tonight.”

Lemon gave her the microphone back.

“Baby, your actions have to speak louder than words, because guess what? Not one black trans woman has taken the mic tonight. Not one black trans man has taken the mic tonight,” Blossom said. “Show me! Show me!”

“Blossom! Blossom!” Lemon replied. “You are a black trans woman. You have the mic in your hand. I’ve taken and given it back to you. We want to hear from you.”

“We’ve had trans people of color,” he said. “We’ve had all people.”

“We’re proud and happy that you’re here,” Lemon said.

Blossom persisted.

“That’s how anti-blackness works, among people of color,” she said. “That’s how anti-blackness looks like. The erasure of black trans people.

“We’re here in this room, please give us the opportunity,” Blossom said.

Lemon thanked her for the lecture.

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“Blossom, thank you so much. We appreciate you,” he gushed. “Thank you very much.”

It wasn’t the only time during the Equality town hall that CNN hosts were put in their place by politically correct audience members.

At another point, while introducing singer-songwriter Shea Diamond to pose a question to Julian Castro, CNN moderator Nia-Malika Henderson apparently mispronounced Diamond’s name.

Diamond, dressed in a witch-style black hat and graduation gown, grimaced as Henderson read her name, then took the first opportunity to set the record straight.

“Um, it’s Shea Diamond, put that on record,” she said, flipping her head to the side and almost losing her goofy hat.

“Ok, it’s on the record,” Henderson said. “Thank you.”

“Yes, honey, it’s violence to misgender or alter the name of a trans person,” Diamond pointed out. “So always get that right first.”