Are Hillary and Chelsea Clinton secretly campaigning for next year’s election, the elder for a rematch with Trump in 2020 and the younger for New York’s 17th congressional district?

It’s a possibility that’s haunting the Democratic presidential primaries, with the most recent evidence to suggest it’s already in the works on display in Hyde Park on Sunday. The former first lady beamed with pride as she presented Chelsea with the prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal, an award she received in 1995, the Poughkeepsie Journal reports.

The 32nd annual Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Ceremony provided Hillary Clinton with another venue to attack Trump from the sidelines, while Chelsea practiced her stump speech under her mother’s watchful eye.

“I think we have an obligation to stand up for those who are under assault here at home and around the world,” Hillary Clinton said, diverting attention from her daughter’s “achievements” to weigh in on politics. “The horrific attack going on against the Kurds right now led to the brutal murder of a woman leader of the Syrian defense forces that the Kurds have been running.”

Clinton’s comments come amid a media tour with Chelsea to promote their new book about “Gutsy Women,” which the twice-failed presidential candidate has used to campaign against Trump. In Sunday’s sermon at the Hyde Park event, Clinton framed the deteriorating conditions along border between Syria and Turkey as a woman’s issue, implying President Trump is indirectly attacking women across the globe.

“In the forefront of leadership of the Kurds are women,” Clinton said. “Women military units, women leaders, and what the Turks have done is to empower Arab militias … (to engage) in a terrible abuse of human rights that could very well lead to the loss of tens of thousands of lives and injuries that would be very much close to ethnic cleansing.”

The former secretary of state delivered her remarks at the estate of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, not far from the 17th congressional district she calls home. Longtime Congressman Nita Lowey announced last week that she will not seek re-election in that district, sparking speculation Chelsea will run for the seat.

The 39-year-old doesn’t live in the district, but it’s not a requirement for members of the House of Representatives. Besides, Bill and Hillary Clinton purchased a 3,600-square-foot “getaway home” for Chelsea next door to their mansion in Chappaqua in 2016, the Westchester Journal News reports.

At the awards event, Hillary Clinton touted her daughter’s alleged work as a “health educator” and “women’s rights advocate,” according to the Daily Freeman.

The elder Clinton likened her daughter to Eleanor Roosevelt, arguing Chelsea could become “the conscience” of the nation much like the former first lady.

“So many people didn’t understand or didn’t appreciate her or really didn’t support her at all in what she was saying but she became in many ways the conscience as many of us recognize not only of that time in American history but really throughout America’s history,” Hillary said. “So I have to say that my daughter understands that at the core of her being, the truest test of a society is how we treat the most vulnerable among us.”

Chelsea told the crowd she was “humbled” by the honor, then compared herself to Eleanor Roosevelt, as well.

Chelsea said they both shared a desire to “inoculate” children to “understand what human rights are.” The speech came just days after she told a reporter it’s entirely possible for a person with a beard and penis to identify as a woman, The Daily Mail reports.

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“…Eleanor fundamentally believed in that if children could understand what human rights are, why they are important and why we each only have them, ultimately if we all have them. We had to inculcate that understanding and that commitment to, with the protection and advancement of the defense of human rights, in kids. That’s why she wrote children’s books, it’s also why I write children’s books,” Chelsea said.

The younger Clinton echoed her mother’s concerns about Trump’s “horror,” but she offered a silver lining: “Leaders like Eleanor” will save the day.

“When I go home today and I look at my three little kids, there’s just no space to be anything but optimistic,” Chelsea said. “Even in this moment of horror and disappointment in our leaders because we’ve had leaders like Eleanor Roosevelt before and we will again.”