Fox News, Gallup, The Hill, Politico, The Washington Post and countless other media are pushing polls that allege a majority of Americans want to launch an impeachment inquiry to remove President Trump, but there’s another poll that’s getting much less attention.

And it helps explain why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t hold a vote to get the process going.

A new Emerson Polling survey conducted October 13-16 finds 44 percent of likely Iowa voters don’t support impeachment. Thirty-nine percent said they do support impeachment, while about 9 percent were unsure.

Only 5.8 percent of those surveyed said impeachment was the most important issue.

“The most important issue for voters in Iowa in deciding for whom to vote for president is the economy at 33%, followed by healthcare at 19% and social issues at 10%. Impeachment ranked 7 out of 9 at 6%, ahead of education at 5% and foreign policy at 3%,” the pollster reports.

Impeachment isn’t even a top issue with Iowa Democrats.

“The Democrats have some work to do in Iowa convincing voters that impeachment is a top priority of Congress; 67% of Democrats in Iowa support impeaching the president, but only 10% identify it as the most important issue in deciding their vote for president,” Emerson Polling Director Spencer Kimball said.

As far as how Democratic candidates stack up against President Trump in 2020, only Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders comes out on top with Iowa voters, theoretically.

“In hypothetical head to head matchups, Trump has a slight advantage over (Senator Elizabeth) Warren and (former vice president Joe) Biden: 51% to 49%, while Sanders carries a 2 point advantage over Trump with 51% to 49%; all three match-ups are within the poll’s margin of error,” Emerson reports.

Biden and Warren are virtually tied in support from Iowa Democrats at 23 percent, followed by South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 16 percent, Sanders at 13 percent, and Andrew Yang at 5 percent.

“The good news for Biden is he did not lose much ground since March’s poll that had him at 25% of the vote,” Kimball said. “It appears that Warren has been the beneficiary of Sanders’ drop from 24% to 13%; Mayor Pete appears to have solidified his base in Iowa, going from 0% in February, to 11% in March, and now 16% in the Hawkeye state.”

Pelosi announced Tuesday that she has no plans to hold a formal vote on the House floor to officially launch an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, preferring instead to continue multiple investigations through various committees.

The Hill reports:

After black-to-back meetings with party leaders and then the full caucus, Pelosi announced that no such vote would take place. Democratic aides emphasized, however, that the process remains fluid and Pelosi may reverse course and stage such a vote at any point in the future.

“There’s no requirement that we have a vote, and so at this time we will not be having a vote,” Pelosi told reporters during a last-minute press briefing at the Capitol.

An internal polling memo distributed to House Democrats on Thursday shows public support for impeachment is growing but remains a losing issue in competitive districts, Axios reports.

The memo cited two polls – a national survey and battleground survey in competitive districts, both commissioned by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – that show an impeachment inquiry is just “slightly favorable 49-48” percent.

“When discussing Trump’s actions, keep the language simple, direct and values-based. … Emphasize the core value that no one is above the law. … The whistleblower did the right thing by coming forward. … Demonstrate your constant focus on the biggest issues facing families in the country, specifically health care and wages,” Rep. Cheri Bustos, the memo’s author, advised her fellow Democrats.