Trump supporters facing hate from “inclusive” and “tolerant” liberals in academia is nothing new, but it’s now apparently evolved into personalized posters targeting individual students at the nation’s top universities.

Kathy Zhu, an “independent thinker” who attends the University of Michigan, shared her experience on campus in a Twitter post Tuesday.

“This has been posted around my school at @UMich,” Zhu tweeted along with a picture of the poster.

Paper, taped in a wall, includes a picture of Zhu wearing a red Make America Great Again hat, and an image of right-wing rioters in Charlottesville, Virginia carrying torches. The message read: “Michigan, We have white supremacists on campus. They can be dangerous.”

“This is complete slander and incites violence against me,” Zhu posted to Twitter. “Being a trump supporter does not make me a white supremacist. I’m also Asian if you SJWs can’t tell.”

Zhu is only the latest Trump supporter to come under attack amid the anti-Trump hysteria consuming college campuses across the country.

Just last week, campus police arrested 36-year-old University of Florida graduate assistant Richard Tate for snatching a MAGA hat from a protestor at the school. The man wearing the hat, Brian Patrick Smith, tackled Tate to retrieve his hat, then pressed for criminal charges, according to The Alligator, the student news site.

“I pressed charges on somebody who attacked me for holding a sign, for simply holding a sign because he doesn’t like it,” Smith said.

Zhu also isn’t the first at the University of Michigan to face the wrath of the radical left.

In August, students learned that the namesake of the university’s business school, Stephen M. Ross, hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump at his home in the Hamptons, with tickets for the shin-dig selling for up to $250,000, Business Insider reports.

Despite Ross’ decades of support, including more than $378 million in donations, the Trump fundraiser prompted students and professors to demand UM officials remove the benefactor’s name from buildings and signs across campus.

“Stephen Ross is not simply an average voter or supporter. His support of Trump, without regard to Trump’s racist ideology and policy, cannot be ignored,” Rao wrote.

Ross’ legacy as one of the biggest donors in UM’s history also cannot be ignored, school officials said.

“Stephen Ross is a tremendous supporter of a wide range of programs at the University of Michigan,” UM spokeswoman Kim Broekhuizen told Business Insider. “His longtime support is most evident at the Ross School of Business and in U-M Athletics.”

“The university has thousands of active donors who have a wide range of affiliations,” Broekhuizen said. “Their personal views are their own. What they all share is a love of the University of Michigan. And we thank them for that.”

Zhu, vice chairman of UM’s College Republicans group, was previously stripped of her crown as Miss Michigan in July over allegations from Miss World America executives that her social media posts were “offensive, insensitive and inappropriate,” ABC News reports.

“Pageants are all about empowering women voices,” Zhu said. “It’s not right. Conservative voices are being censored.”

Zhu told an audience at Michigan Women for Trump event in late July that exposing herself as a conservative at UM was one of the hardest things she’s done in her life.

“It’s harder, I think, than coming out as, honestly, gay,” she said.