Socialist Congressman Ilhan Omar contends most Democrats like herself think quite highly of themselves and, unlike other lawmakers, focus on the details of important issues “most people can’t understand.”

Omar’s back-handed self-aggrandizing came amid a podcast interview with Mehdi Hasan and Michael Moore on The Intercept about Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign that was recorded Wednesday and published Thursday.

“What I believe is that, uh, there is a Warren wing of our party, um, and I would say that is most Democrats, it’s the one thing that everybody accuses us of – we think we’re the smartest in the room,” Omar said.

“We are very policy oriented, we care about the details. Um, just today we were fighting about a lot of things that most people can’t understand,” she said. “And there is that aspect of Warren that is exciting, she has a plan for everything.”

The interview followed about a year after Omar last appeared on the podcast and told host Hasan she didn’t think Bernie Sanders should take another shot at the White House.

“I actually believe that ship might have sailed,” she said, adding that she “always thought of (herself) as part of the Warren wing of the party.”

A week after endorsing Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, Omar explained why she opted to back the elderly Socialist from Vermont over Warren.

“Sometimes you have to be reminded about the vision you truly believe in, and where your core values lie,” she said. “And for me, I know that there are people that have to switch some things aground, and there are people that are just easy to believe in. And I was reminded that Bernie is one of those people.”

Warren has great plans, but Bernie is the man to lead the “revolution,” Omar said.

“ … There is, I think, an expansion of what universal values are, and how we should be thinking about what kind of revolutionary ideas this country need sin order for these structural changes that Warren talks about to be implemented,” she said. “And that person who will carry that out is Bernie.”

Omar spent much of the rest of the podcast lamenting Republicans who are complaining of being shut out secret impeachment proceedings at the Capitol. On Wednesday afternoon, about two dozen House Republicans led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz stormed into the so-called Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility in the basement of the Capitol building, where Democrats are questioning witnesses to build a case for impeaching the president.

Omar told The Intercept the federal lawmakers should have been arrested for attempting to participate in the proceedings.

“It is obnoxious to me that none of them were arrested or are going to find themselves in trouble for the security breach that they had,” Omar said.

Omar blamed Trump for dining with Republicans on Tuesday night and urging them to do more to push back against what he’s repeatedly described as a “witch hunt” and “total scam.”

The congresswoman from Minnesota also blamed Trump and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for threats made on her life, ignoring the anti-Semitic and insensitive comments she’s made about Israel, Jewish businesses, Israel, the September 11 terrorist attacks and other highly contentious issues that undoubtedly motivated the hate.

“We have done everything that we can to engage them in a conversation about how they’re putting my life in danger and the lives of people who share my identities,” Omar said, adding that both Trump and Zuckerberg are painting a target on her back. “Right, when they describe me as a terrorist, every single Somali girl or Muslim girl what’s walking down the street that resembles me, her life is also in danger.”