An Oklahoma man learned the hard truth behind his provocative apparel when he was caught in the act of stealing an ATV on Tuesday.

“If you’re going to get caught in the act, you might want to change your ‘Ain’t Nothing Illegal ‘Til You Get Caught!’ t-shirt,” the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office posted to Facebook.

The post included pictures of 38-year-old David Rasmussen posing in cuffs behind a sheriff’s cruiser with the phrase on a gray shirt. Rasmussen and his alleged partner in crime, 50-year-old David Jolly, tried to make a getaway when deputies busted them in the act of stealing at ATV from a home on East Reno Avenue, but they apparently didn’t get far.

“Rasmussen ran into the woods, and when investigators found him he was armed with a rifle he pointed at deputies. He was taken into custody without incident. Jolly was found a short time later in a getaway SUV that was also stolen,” according to the sheriff’s department. “He gave deputies a fake name, but investigators were eventually able to properly identify him.”

“Jolly was found to have a warrant out of Texas for causing a traffic crash with serious bodily injuries,” the post read.

Both men were ultimately arrested on 21 counts for crimes in Oklahoma County, where investigators also tied the men to a separate investigation by the Oklahoma City Police Department, KOCO reports.

Rasmussen joins a long legacy of dim-witted American criminals advertising their lifestyle, or ironic messages that come back to bite in mugshot photos.

In June, authorities in Florida’s St. Luce County arrested Terry Leon Simmons, 53, after he was busted selling crack cocaine to an undercover police officer while wearing a shirt with “COKE” emblazoned across the front.

“A probable cause affidavit said officers observed a suspect wearing a ‘blue shirt with red lettering on the front that said ‘COKE,’” Fox News reports. “He allegedly sold four crack rocks for $40.”

In February, Clay County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 50-year-old fugitive Clarence Sheese from Ohio, who was wanted for alleged child sex crimes. The department posted an image of Sheese wearing a shirt that read “Father of the Year” to Facebook, according to NBC Miami.

Back in 2015, then 50-year-old John Balmer was arrested by Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies for attempting to sell drugs at a local department store. At the time of his arrest, Balmer was wearing a shirt that read “Who needs drugs No, seriously, I have drugs.”

Balmer was arrested for possession of methamphetamine when he dropped a bag containing the drug, as well as marijuana, while making a purchase, according to the Telegraph.

Balmer’s arrest came about a year after another Florida man was busted for drugs, while sporting a green Monopoly game-themed shirt with the card “Go Directly to Jail” on the front, the New York Daily News reported.

Micah Dailey spent seven hours in the slammer before posting a $6,500 bail for marijuana possession.