What’ wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

The House Speaker attended a swearing-in ceremony for the San Francisco SEIU chapter recently, and during her brief remarks, she was confused about the time of day, suffered face spasms and mumbled.

“Good morning everyone, is it still morning?” she said, looking at her bare wrist. “No, afternoon,” she continued as a lone person laughed. “Good afternoon, everyone.”

Pelosi suffered a face spasm as she praised the “beautiful diversity” of the union.

She was hit with another when she talked about the “fight” against the Republicans.

“The 15 dollar— thank you SEIU for the— the fif— the fight for 15,” she stumbled.

“The silent work that you all do, uh, the uh,” Pelosi said, suffering a brain freeze, “uh, uh, unfairness of some of the challenges that you face,” she finally said, suffering another face spasm as she continued.

Towards the end of her brief remarks, she waved heartily at a member of the audience and muttered into the microphone, “How are you, Tim? Good morning, good morning…”

Pelosi is second in line to the presidency, and some pundits have speculated she could actually become president if both Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both impeached.