Protests spread to over 75 cities in Iran today, and security forces shot and killed several protesters.

Horrific video shows at least three different activists laying dead in the streets.

Other video shows wounded Iranians being treated, including a 10-year-old boy.

Additional protesters were killed in Javanrood and Shahriar:

According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran:

Iranian youth members of the uprising in various cities fought off Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) attacks and torched government centers of suppression and plunder such as Bassij bases and state-owned banks and vehicles of security forces.

A traffic police center in Karaj and all its vehicles and 15 banks were set ablaze. Drivers stopped their cars to halt traffic on all roads. They could be heard chanting, “Pressure has broken us, we will break this pressure,” “Iranians enough, show spine,” “Rouhani have shame, let go of our pockets.” The protesters also set the Taleghani petrol station on fire.

People in Tehran closed down the shopping mall of Amin Hozour and its stores in solidarity with the protesters. The Ghaem petrol station in Robat Karim in south of Tehran was also set ablaze. Another government owned bank in Tehran Pars neighborhood, on Parvin Square, was set on fire.

In Qods Township in Tehran, the local authority, and several banks and government offices were set on fire. Security forces are on high alert and stressed.

The angry people of Soltanabad burned down the city hall and a state-owned bank and shut down the Saveh-Soltanabad road. Mellat Bank was set on fire in Kashani Street in Mallard.

Protesters chanted “Don’t fear, we are all together,” in defiance of the Islamist regime.

Observers noted the mullahs have cut of internet usage likely to stop additional videos from spreading. reports there is a “near-total national shut down” of the internet.

UPDATE: Via Shahin Gobadi of the NCRI:

According to the network of the MEK inside Iran dozens have been killed, 27 are known to have been killed. Uprising spread to 93 cities.  In Shahriar (karaj), at least 14 have been killed.