Former CIA director James Woolsey has a new weapon that could do far more damage than bombs ever could to the ayatollahs in Iran: Ridicule.

Ambassador Woolsey, who was the head of the spy agency during the George W. Bush administration, told Newsmax on Tuesday that tactics need to be deployed to get the world to laugh at the fascist mullahs currently killing their own people.

Saying pro-freedom forces should use technology to reach Iranians, Woolsey said, “One thing I have always been in favor of is utilizing humor and satire on what we broadcast,” noting even the “proud” devil cannot be stand to be mocked.

“The Iranians historically have had a great sense of humor. We should cause them as much intellectual trouble as we possibly can,” he said.

Noting the British have used ridicule effectively, Woolsey said, “We need to take off the gloves and make fun of the pompous asses that are so oppressing their people.”

Smirking, Woolsey added, “I think there would be a lot of interest in that.”

He went on to advocate for the creators of South Park to “make fun of these idiots.”