Children were so outraged by First Lady Melania Trump and her message about the dangers of opioids that they collectively booed her yesterday.

The First Lady spoke to kids in Baltimore as part of a series of events around the country raising awareness about the drugs.

As Trump was introduced and took the stage a B’More Youth Summit for Opioid Awareness, loud boos and jeers filled the auditorium.

The video published by NBC News did not include an admonishment by organizers to respect the First Lady.

Trump trudged through her positive remarks, despite the rude children who were attempting to drown her out. As she left the stage amid the jeers, the man who introduced her positioned himself between the First Lady and the audience, seemingly creating a buffer between them.

The DEA tweeted a picture of the audience, showing attendees to be of elementary or middle school age.

Here’s Trump’s full speech, which ran about 6 minutes: