Many stores sought to open earlier than Black Friday to relieve some of the pressure of shoppers swarming for good deals, but there have already been incidents at Walmarts around the country.

At one Walmart, two women in hijabs fought over a vacuum, forcing several employees to intervene:

The two women argued as the store employee looked thoroughly annoyed at having to referee the situation between two adults.

They were both determined to get the Shark model at a deep discount.

Meanwhile, at another Walmart store, shoppers were in a frenzy for $1.60 towels.


Meanwhile, in Paris, “climate change” activists created a “Block Friday” protest in a mall, and got physical with shoppers who were ignoring their hysteria.

Video shows a man trying to get through when an agitator in a neon vest repeatedly blocks his path, sparking a physical alteration:


Security guards cleared malcontents from an escalator, allowing an elderly woman to pass: