This is normal…

Joe Biden kicked off an 8-day bus trip around Iowa on Saturday and during an early stop, he bit his wife’s finger as she was speaking.

Jill Biden was addressing a small crowd in Council Bluffs when she waved her hand, nearly hitting Joe in the head.

He flinched, before opening his mouth and biting her digit.

She laughed as the crowd did, too.

Biden’s bus tour is intended to save face in the early caucus state.

The AP reports:

Iowa polls suggest that Biden, while a front-runner nationally, is in a jumble near the top. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 37, of South Bend, Indiana, appears to hold a narrow edge over Biden, 77; Warren, 70; and Sanders, 78. The senators have animated the party’s left flank, while Buttigieg joins Biden in Democrats’ center-left wing but is calling for generational change.

“In terms of people out there knocking on doors, who attend other campaign events, district events, I can’t name a member of the southeast Iowa Democrats who’s supporting Joe Biden,” said Glenn Hurst, a leader of Iowa Democrats’ Rural Caucus, tells the AP.