A Biden campaign staffer struggled today to whip up the energy for the candidate, and could be because there were so few people in attendance.

Before a small crowd in Iowa, the staffer chided the audience for their lack of energy.


“Come on, you can do better than that,” he lectured.

“Fired up!” he shouted, as the audience weakly responded, “Ready to go.”

He repeated it three more times, waving his arms in a vain attempt to increase the enthusiasm.

But his waving arms weren’t enough to keep in going, and the chants ended as quickly as they began.

At another stop in Emmetsburg, Biden played to dozens in attendance.

At an event more fitting for a state representative candidate, Biden attacked Trump before the small crowd:

He jokingly claimed a ringing cell phone was President Trump seeking his advice:

These weren’t deceptive angles. The crowd is just plain tiny: