Is Andrew Yang running for president of the United States or a University of New Hampshire fraternity?

It might be hard to tell after he squirted whipped cream in a supporter’s mouth, and eagerly moved onto delight another fan before an irritated staffer intervened.

A man could be seen kneeling down at the new Manchester, New Hampshire office as the candidate sprayed the dessert topping into his mouth.

“I’m a full service presidential candidate!” Yang declared as his aide threw up his hands in shock.

“Hell yeah!” a supporter yelled as Yang added, “Look at this, we inaugurated the office in style!” before looking for another fan to cream.

“Who’s next, get in here!” the supporter yelled as Yang moved onto another individual amid groans.

The staffer finally stepped in, grabbing the candidate’s arm in a vain attempt to get him to stop.

“Yeah!” a delirious Yang yelled as the staffer pulled him away.

“We have a tradition!” Yang boasted.

Yang will not be appearing in the all-white Democrat debate scheduled for later in December.

Maybe he can go to the local frat house and rally voters there.