For the second time this year, questions are being raised about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s health after she appeared to have issues with her nose.

While giving an update in the impeachment inquiry, Pelosi’s nose was bandaged. It was so obvious, it cast a shadow on her face:

While appearing at a climate change conference in Spain last week, the bandage was also evident on the right side of the 79-year-old Speaker’s nose.


Here’s a close up, shown at Breitbart News:

In August, Pelosi appeared to have heavy makeup covering some sort of condition on her schnoz.


“What’s wrong with Nancy Pelosi’s nose?” Twitter user Chris Coon wondered.

Coon didn’t doctor the image. The Getty Images photo was used by Breitbart for a story about protesters disrupting the Speaker’s appearance in San Francisco:

Pelosi has long displayed bizarre behavior, suffering brain freezes, repeating herself and having trouble speaking.

Do we need to add a skin condition to the list?