Joe Biden made it clear today he has no intention of decreasing his bizarre and cringe-worthy statements he makes on a regular basis.

Why? Because he says he doesn’t “trust” people who think before they speak.

While addressing unionists in Nevada, he explained his statements come from his gut, travel through his heart, and exit his mouth.

“I’m just gonna tell you straight up: If I’m your president, the meaning starts here in my gut,” he told the Culinary Workers Union, pointing at his stomach, “goes to my heart, and then I articulate it,” motioning as though it was coming out of his mouth.

“I don’t trust people who, in fact, if you stay with me, if it starts here,” he continued, pointing at his head, “and doesn’t ever work its way down to the heart,” he said, pointing at his pelvis.

“That’s right,” a unionist responded.

“Amen!” another shouted.