A student who posted “It’s Okay to be White” flyers outside of a building at the Oklahoma City University of Law was expelled and interrogated by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The Oklahoman reports:

OCU Police Director Bill Citty said the male student was already on suspension from the law school, 800 N Harvey, and was not allowed to be on school property. The student violated the terms of his suspension when he posted the flyers on the door and exterior of the law school building the night of Oct. 31, Citty said.

Jim Roth, the school’s dean, sent the perpetrator a letter informing him of his expulsion in mid November. The culprit, who remains anonymous, was serving a prior suspension for his Tinder profile, which stated a preference for a girl who “hasn’t been with a black guy.”

“You have violated the terms of your suspension, which prohibited you from entering campus grounds. The University is in possession of evidence clearly demonstrating that you entered University grounds on or about October 31, 2019,” Roth’s letter read. “Based on a preponderance of the evidence, pursuant to the terms of your suspension, and according to University policy, you are hereby expelled from Oklahoma City University School of Law, effective immediately.”

The letter reiterated the student’s ban from campus and threatened legal action if the student ever comes back.

Roth also issued an ironic public statement praising students who ripped down the posters and notified school officials.

“Despite what the intentions of that message may have been, the message reminds me of one fact that I know our community embraces – it’s okay to be EVERYBODY,” he wrote. “Exclusion and hate will not be tolerated here. You are accepted at OCU Law no matter how you pray, what you look like, or who you love. And you always will be.”

That message, the student said, doesn’t apply to white students who aren’t ashamed of their skin color.

The student told The Red Elephants’ Vincent James he was interrogated by an agent with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, who confirmed the posters were not a crime. The agent also told the student, who was dressed up for Halloween when he posted the flyers, there is no possible way for law enforcement to positively identify him from surveillance video, even if it was illegal.

“He basically said no crimes were committed, we just got to make sure you’re not a threat,” the student said. “Both the FBI and the Oklahoma City Police said … we have no reason to open an investigation, we’re not considering you a suspect of any crime, but the campus police, the private police they have at the school, I guess if they wanted to they could press trespassing charges.”

National File contacted another “It’s Okay to be White” activist for another perspective on the debacle, which he claims is an illustration of the double standard for racism in America.

“My only thoughts on this incident are that the response was draconian and hysterical (but sadly predictable) and should serve as a wake-up call to anyone who does not want to live under totalitarianism. The people who want to ruin this young student’s life for refusing to hate himself are evil,” the unidentified activist said.

“The response also clearly demonstrates a racial hatred and paranoid fear of white people deeply rooted in the establishment media, academia and government, not only in the US but across the West,” he said.

“If you replaced the word ‘white’ with any other group and put up a flyer saying ‘It’s Okay to be (another group),’ there would likely have been no police attention or media coverage,” he said. “This law student who was expelled is essentially a martyr. He sacrificed years of study, large sums of money and part of his reputation and future to warn people about this totalitarian threat.”