Congresswoman Maxine Waters is already complaining about the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, even though articles have not even passed the House yet.

Appearing on MSNBC, Waters blistered Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham.

“When we’ve heard a lot of discussion about abuse of power, this country has not seen anything yet,” Waters told Joy Reid.

“They’re about to see McConnell and the Republicans run over the Constitution, disregard everybody. He’s told you in advance that he’s not going to be fair, and so we’re about to see something worse than this country’s ever seen,” she huffed.

“Usually we’ve seen in these past efforts where there’s been impeachment proceedings, the Senate and the House will get together and agree on the rules. Well, McConnell is not thinking about what Democrats want to do, or how to involve Democrats in setting up the rules in what is going to take place in the so-called jury trial of the president,” Waters bellyached.

“They’re going to run roughshod over us, and the presidency will never be the same,” she claimed.

Waters complained that Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during the impeachment inquiry, and that Rudy Giuliani traveled to Ukraine to gather evidence recently.

“They are in our face, they’re in the face of Americans and it is terrible. It is going to be awful,” Waters lamented, ignoring she once called on her supporters to confront Trump administration officials in public places.

Reid complained that Giuliani’s involvement will lead to a “show trial” and make Joe and Hunter Biden a focus.

“Watch what happens in the Senate,” Waters warned.

“You’re going to see what happens when your democracy is undermined. You’re going to see what happens when you have people in power who disregard the Constitution, who don’t care about the democracy, who are opening the door to Putin and Russia, and you’re going to see things are going to change if this president remains in office,” she said.

“You will see him align himself with Putin and Russia. He already said, you know, that he’s not going to condemn him, he’s not going to do anything to talk about the fact that we’ve been undermined already by Putin and Russia. They’re going to do it again!” Waters barked.

“This president doesn’t care. At all,” she concluded.

Waters went on to claim that Senate Republicans are telling Americans “they don’t care what we think” — an interesting condemnation, given that polling has consistently shown Americans are opposed to impeaching and removing Trump.

“They’re just going to run through so-called impeachment, uh, jury, uh, inquiry,” she predicted.