Katie Hill is keeping it classy.

The former Democrat congresswoman, who resigned amid an ethics investigation into inappropriate behavior with a staffer, appeared at a Los Angeles impeachment rally and let her feelings be known.

“This is a solemn, solemn day. But it’s time to impeach the motherf*cker!” she shouted into the microphone.

The small crowd roared with approval.

CBS News reported in late October:

The House Ethics Committee said Wednesday it is investigating whether freshman Congresswoman Katie Hill had a sexual relationship with a congressional staffer, a violation of House rules. In a statement late Wednesday, the California Democrat denied having a relationship with the aide and said she is now going through a divorce from “an abusive husband who is determined to try to humiliate me.”

The House Ethics Committee said Wednesday they are “aware of public allegations that Representative Katie Hill may have engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on her congressional staff.”

Hill has blamed her husband for her troubles.

She effectively impeached and removed herself to avoid scrutiny from the Ethics Committee.