Hillary Clinton still has the White House on her mind.

The former first lady and failed 2016 presidential candidate tweeted out a Hanukkah message to her followers on Sunday, and included a photo from a White House ceremony when she was an occupant there.

“Sending warm wishes to everyone celebrating Hanukkah!” she wrote, along with a photo that shows President Bill Clinton’s arm around her shoulder.

It’s not the first time Hillary has sent holiday wishes with blasts from the past.

Last year, she shared a Christmas greeting on Twitter and included a photo from her time as First Lady.

“Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today!” she tweeted, along with a photo of Bill about to embrace a woman, presumably Chelsea.

Just a few days later, she shared another White House-era snap.

“I’m grateful to everyone who brought light into 2018: organizers, journalists, candidates, marchers, activists, and voters,” Hillary tweeted.

“Here’s to you. Happy New Year.”

The photo is from November 5, 1996 — the night of Bill Clinton’s re-election, BizPacReview reports.

Clinton has left the door open to a potential third run for the White House as the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary draw closer.