After signing a few autographs for fans, Hillary Clinton made a quick getaway in her “Scooby van” by squealing the tires.

It’s not clear when the night-time video was taken by autograph hound Giovanni Arnold, but it shows Clinton exiting a venue to her awaiting vehicle, before approaching a small group of fans and signature seekers.

Clinton answered questions outside the 92Y about the new “Downton Abbey” movie, and said she likes “the whole” of the Democrat candidates running for president.

About about a minute of signing “Hillary Rodham Clinton” on photos, Hillary returned to her vehicle, which was parked with its passenger-side wheels on the curb.

The point-of-view camera turns away, before briefly turning back towards the van, and a revving engine can be heard, followed by squealing tires.

“Oh my God!” a bystander yells as the video ends.

Clinton began using the van in her motorcades many years ago.

Time reported:

The armored van — the same vehicle that usually shuttles her to events in New York — has been nicknamed “Scooby” because it reminds the former Secretary of State of the Mystery Machine, the vehicle used by the main characters in the classic “Scooby Doo” cartoons. Aides have gone out of their way to note that the drive was Clinton’s idea.

“She loves her Scooby van,” tweeted Clinton communications director Jen Palmieri Sunday evening.

It’s not clear why her driver squealed the tires.