Former vice president Joe Biden agrees “100 percent” that America should do away with plastic bags in the name of fighting the changing climate.

At a recent Iowa campaign stop, Biden promised a voter from Kenya that America will eliminate plastic if he becomes president to address concerns about trash in her homeland.

The woman explained she’s “Kenyan-American” and often travels back to Africa to help with conservation efforts to promote a cleaner environment. She repeatedly referenced plastic bags, in particular, and work to encourage reusable bags “because we’re trying to clean the ocean.”

“I think in America we’re not trying to do that,” the woman told the 77-year-old career politician. “So, what’s your view, I mean, what’s your focus?”

Biden offered up a national ban on plastic.

“Well, I agree with you 100 percent,” Biden told the woman. “We should not be allowing plastic.”

“What we should do is phasing it out,” he said.

Like virtually every issue impacting the country, Biden blamed the situation on President Trump. Critics, meanwhile, have pointed out Biden did little to address the issue during his eight years as former president Obama’s VP.

“If you notice … we’re running into a problem right now. The problem is we have a president who says there is no problem. We don’t have a problem with the environment, we don’t have a problem with pollution, we don’t have a problem with plastic in the oceans,” Biden told the woman.

The 2020 Democratic frontrunner then went on a tangent about a commercial he saw about a business that extracts plastic from the oceans “that are killing everything from dolphins to God knows what else.”

Biden has seemingly dialed up the rhetoric on fighting the changing climate in recent weeks.

Just before the new year, Biden told voters at a town hall in Petersborough, New Hampshire “we’re all dead” if America doesn’t cease its use of fossil fuels.

Of course, he then jumped on a gas guzzling jet to fly back to Iowa, where he’s been touring the state in his massive gas guzzling tour bus.

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At the same New Hampshire campaign stop Biden also took a shot at fossil fuel execs, alleging “we should put them in jail” for pollution, despite his son’s lucrative financial relationship with the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.

“I’m not joking about this,” Biden said.