If you’ve seen one missile, you’ve seen them all, Iranian propagandists must think.

Iranian state news agency Fars News tweeted a photo it claimed is a missile launching from the country into Iraq to strike U.S. and coalition forces.


“Hard revenge,” Fars tweeted, according to a Google translation. “Some sources report that Iranian ballistic missiles were fired at the US base in Iraq.”

But an eagle-eyed Twitter user, Cindy Otis, found that the photo tweeted by the mullahs was actually from 2017:

It was featured in a UK Guardian story from that year, titled, “Iran targets ‘terrorists’ in missile strike on Isis-held Syrian town”:

“A handout photo made available by Iran’s state TV appears to show a missile being launched at the Isis bases in Syria,” the cut line reads.

Iran claims to have fired “tens” of missiles from Iran into Iraq with the hopes of targeting U.S. and coalition forces on bases there.