Critics have questioned how Hunter Biden, son of the former vice president, could ditch his family to marry his deceased brother’s widow.

Joe Biden, Hunter’s father and frontrunner in the Democratic primary to take on President Trump in 2020, seemingly offered some insight while chatting up supporters at a recent campaign stop.

“I tell all the guys that ask me about getting married, I say you marry into a family with three or four sisters – I married into one with five. You know why? One of them always loves you. Not the same one, but one of them will always love you,” he said.

The comments come courtesy of a clip recorded off C-SPAN and posted to Twitter by Nick Frechen.

“lol is this the biden recipe?” Frechen wrote. “Didn’t hunter marry his dead brothers wife?”

They were married, according to Vanity Fair, but divorced after two years. Biden is now onto his third marriage, while also fighting a custody battle over a child he initially denied fathering with a stripper during his time with Hallie Biden, his brother Beau’s widow. Beau, the former attorney general of Delaware, died of brain cancer in 2015.

According to Business Insider’s extensive profile on Hunter Biden:

After he divorced his first wife and mother of his three daughters, Kathleen, the Biden family acknowledged he was dating Hallie Biden, Beau’s widow.

Hunter Biden raised eyebrows with a candid New Yorker interview in which he said he spent the aftermath of his brother’s death on a bender that included him buying crack from homeless people. He also said that he and Hallie Biden discovered they were ‘sharing a very specific grief’ and spent a lot of time together in 2016 before they became a couple.

The couple apparently tried to keep the relationship secret, but the former vice president found out when Page Six called him for comment on a story on the relationship, after which he and Jill Bien issued a supportive statement.

“We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness,” the statement said. “They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them.”

It’s unclear whether that’s still the case. Joe Biden has refused to discuss his son’s tumultuous personal life or shady business dealings. Less than a week after Biden announced his 2020 bid for president, the Hunter and Hallie split up for undisclosed reasons, though sources said it was an “amicable” separation.

When Hunter divorced his first wife, Kathleen, in 2017, she claimed in court filings that their relationship dissolved because he was “spending extravagantly on his own interests including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations.”

Last May, a woman named Lunden Roberts filed a petition for paternity and child support in Arkansas claiming a relationship with Hunter Biden that produced a child in August 2018. The 49-year-old Biden denied the relationship, but was forced by court order to submit to a DNA test. An Arkansas judge ruled Tuesday that the test revealed Hunter Biden is the “biological and legal father” of Roberts’ child, Fox News reports.

Page Six confirmed Roberts worked as a stripper at the Mpire Club in the historic Dupont Circle neighborhood of D.C. that Hunter Biden frequented.

“The Mpire Club is about three blocks north of another DC strip joint, Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club, where The Post previously revealed that workers suspected Hunter, who has a history of alcoholism and addiction, of smoking crack in a VIP room in late 2018,” according to the news site.

The Roberts custody case is still brewing. In the meantime, Hunter Biden has another child on the way with South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen Biden. The two wed six days after meeting in May, a few weeks after he ditched his brother’s widow.

The couple are now living a carefree life in California, where Hunter Biden told ABC News he enjoys relaxing in his private art studio.

“I get in my car in the morning and I go down the road and I get coffee and I go to the same place for lunch with Melissa and I go about doing my business and my work,” he said.

“We don’t worry that much,” Melissa told the news site. “I think we laugh a lot more than we worry and we try and stay in a very positive light.”