The mainstream media lapdogs laughed and bandied with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today, and will undoubtedly look the other way from her numerous instances of marring words, slurring speech, and other bizarre behaviors.

Pelosi joined reporters for her weekly press conference on Thursday.

“Here we are,” she began, “we’ve got the I’s, impea— uh,” scouring her notes, “Iran, impeachment, let me start with Iran,” she continued, blasting President Trump.

“Today, we will have a resolution on the floor, uh, p- p- put forth by Congresswoman Elisa Slot— Elissa Slotkin,” Pelosi said.

After marring “designation,” she tripped over her demand for the administration to “de-escalate,” saying Trump must “protect— prevent further violence.”

Pelosi suffered a face spasm saying “like,” and went on to say, “We were proud to pass the Mexico-US— uh, US, Mexico, Canada trade agreement.”

The House Speaker again brought attention to her bullet bracelet, which The American Mirror previously reported appears to be in violation of DC gun laws.

“Peter DeFazio, Chairman DeFazio of the infrastructure and transportation committee, will be putting forth our most current, uh, initiat— initiative on cli— on the, uh, I say climate because you can’t do infrastructure without having a recognition of resilience and, uh, uh, green technology,” she recovered.

While addressing the House’s attempt to curtail President Trump’s authority, she said, “Article I gives the House— the Congress certain powers…”

After garbling an unknown word, Pelosi seemed to forget the word “trial” and accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of acting “feebly”.

The media ignored all of this and yukked it up with Trump’s foe.