Maybe this is why Jesus rode a donkey.

Kanye West mounted a horse during a recent church service, but things went awry when the equine appeared to get spooked and the singer went tumbling to the floor.


Kanye was dressed in a white robe with with some sort of crown on his head, and was led into the production atop the horse.

The beast seemed to be overwhelmed by it all and its lead struggled to get it into position.

As it got closer to the dancers, it seemed to be attempting to get away, causing the singer to slip off and fall to the ground.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to say the man in the video is not Kanye:

Kanye has received wide praise from Christians for his conversion and performances, leading many to Christianity.

CBN reported in November:

“I know that God’s been calling me for a long time and the devil has been distracting me for a long time. When I was at my lowest point, God was there with me. Inspiring me and sending me visions,” West said.

“The devil will come and do everything he can to distract people from showing service to the Lord. The arrogance you saw me use before is being used for God now.”

Kanye has rocked the entertainment world by openly sharing his radical conversion to Christianity and helping to lead thousands to Christ in the process. 

He was hospitalized in 2016 after suffering from a mental breakdown but remembers drawing a picture of a church while he was recovering.

“I remember sitting in the hospital at UCLA and there is documentation of me drawing a church and writing to start a church,” he said, according to CBN. Even after that, I went and made ‘The Life of Pablo’ album. I said, ‘This is a gospel album,’ and I didn’t know how to totally make a gospel album. The Christians that were around me were beaten into submission by society to not speak up and profess the gospel to me because I was a superstar. But the only superstar is Jesus.”

“Every time I stand up, I am drawing a line in the sand and saying I’m here in service for God.”